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Carole Dunleavy skydives for children’s charity

The Great British Valve Group’s Group Indirect Procurement specialist has raised funds for a
children’s charity by boldly throwing herself out of an aeroplane – and there’s video
evidence below!

Carole’s leap of faith was undertaken on behalf of Valley Daffodils, which organises activities
for disabled children and youngsters in the Caerphilly borough and surrounding areas.

The activities include: swimming; football; bowling; multisport; dance; bouncy castle
sessions; gymnastics; computer gaming sessions; parties; craft; messy play; and sensory
sessions. All of which are often subsidised due to hire costs for venues and activities plus the
purchase of equipment.

Carole comments: “The Skydive experience was AMAZING! The only time I felt a little
nervous and asked myself ‘what am I doing?’ was as I dangled out of the plane 12000ft in
the air, looking down at the ground that looked sooo far away.

“But once I was in freefall it was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done and I was on
cloud nine for the next few weeks.”

The Valley Daffodils group is run completely as a non-profit organisation by volunteers, and
the £1850 Carole raised will go a long way in helping these kids and their families continue
to have fun. She’d like to thank all who donated, adding “the Hobbs Valve and the staff
were extremely generous in helping me raise this total.”

If you’d like to do help out the Daffodils by donating or even taking on your own wild
adventure, get in touch on their website