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Hobbs Valve Break into the Mining Industry


Hobbs now supply the clay mining industry.

A water monitor is used in this application to blast rock and clay rubble with a very high velocity of water. For over 10 years of trying various types of valves the end user had never been able to achieve full isolation when closing off the water supply through the pipeline.

That  was until Hobbs  Stepped in, we quickly identified the problem area and designed a bespoke Triple Off-Set Butterfly Valve to go on test.

After 1 month of constant use the customer was extremely happy with the results with the valve still achieving ZERO LEAKAGE, this customer is in the process of changing out all valves on his site to Hobbs Triple Off-Set Butterfly Valves.

The mining industry is now part of Hobbs Valve target market and we will update you on the developments shortly.

For further information regarding this trial or any other application please contact our sales team on our skilled team are always happy to help.