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Oil & Gas

The sector has been steadily redefining production possibilities. Technological innovation has made it possible to extract fossil fuels that weren’t accessible just a decade or two ago. Gas from shale and oil from oilsands—these are resources that were considered too difficult or expensive to access in the past, but they’re now transforming the marketplace.

There’s no disputing the fundamental role innovation has played in the oil and gas industry. Technological innovation has had a profound effect on all aspects of the supply chain. Advances ranging from 3-D and 4-D seismology to improvements in distillation and isomerization to liquefaction and regasifaction have had a profound impact on the way companies explore, drill, produce, process and distribute oil and gas. The future will hold many more advances, as energy companies begin to examine nanotechnology, biotechnology, and sustainable chemistry solutions.

Our valves are crucial in maintaining steady and predictable flow levels in oil and gas extraction and processing facilities, and are designed to copy with pressure fluctuations safely.

  • Isolation of reservoirs and storage
  • Steam piping and condensate
  • Cooling water systems
  • Desalinization
  • Transport of hydrocarbons
  • Dessulfururization system
  • Services with hydrogen, cryogenic, vacuum
  • Services with hot gasses
  • Services with solvents
  • LPG and LNG lines

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