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Power Generation

The power generation sector is an essential service industry that uses technologies ranging from the mature steam turbine to pioneering marine current turbines. Since privatisation in the UK in 1990, the main objective of the sector has been profitability for shareholders, although issues such as health, safety, sustainability and fuel poverty have also become increasingly important on the corporate agenda.

Climate change is encouraging engineers to deploy sustainable energy solution alternatives in a challenging commercial and regulatory environment. Valves are still of use across these new technologies, and we encourage the development of wind, hydro, wave, tidal, solar, biomass, combined heat and power, and micro-renewable technologies.

Our butterfly valves are employed to protect the water supply of power plant pumping stations and their downstream pipelines; they ensure the main cooling water pump is protected. For district heating pipelines or in much larger dimensions, butterfly valves can be found everywhere in the system thanks to their versatility.

  • Equipment isolation (pumps, valves, heat exchangers etc)
  • Cooling, condensate, feeding water and steam
  • Gas to turbine
  • Gas exhaustion and air injection

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