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Double Block & Bleed Valves

For double the performance, SIL 3 certification requirements or when the process media is to be stopped in line and evacuated from the cavity via the bleed, our double block and bleed solution is the natural choice.

The Hobbs double isolation valve is also used to maintain media separation or even to self-sweep its discs of residue in viscous or particle deposit prone applications.

The story behind Hobbs Double Block and Bleed

Historically, system integrity would be achieved through the use of two individual isolation valves, a spool piece and a bleed valve that recognisably not only offers extensive cost and weight but also increases the risk of emissions due to multiple flanged faces.

With the advantages of triple offset butterfly valves  Hobbs Valve engineered a solution that would integrate these features into a three piece valve assembly manufactured within a one piece cast body.

A primary advantage of the TVT Double Block & Bleed range is that it has an increased cavity between both discs, reducing the possibility of a breach during full pressurisation and further enhancing safety performance in critical applications.

This engineered solution eliminated many of the historical problems associated with conventional double block and bleed valves whilst also reducing weight, space and above all cost.

The Hobbs Double Block and Bleed Valve – Safety Critical

A single cast offering zero leakage and increased safety levels, all within the equivalent space of a gate valve.

Features and Benefits

  • Double isolation in a single cast
  • Guaranteed zero leakage
  • Safety critical
  • Fully rated, bi-directional & zero leakage
  • Dual disc design
  • Face to face dimensions – bespoke available on request
  • Bleed valve accommodated integrally in the cast
  • Fewer flanged faces resulting in the potential of lower fugitive emissions
  • Sized to fit your requirements (other suppliers only offer standard sizes)