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Culzean Oil Field Update

We are delighted to share that our triple offset butterfly valves are now in line and our work on the multi-million pound Culzean Project is complete.

Hobbs triple offset valve is a zero-leakage solution that is versatile enough in service to outperform any other butterfly valve in its class, preferred or non-preferred. These valves are crucial in maintaining steady and predictable flow levels in oil and gas extraction and processing facilities having been designed to cope with pressure fluctuations safely. We always endeavour to provide our solutions and expertise at the most competitive price to clients.

The Culzean Oil Field represents one of the largest projects Hobbs have delivered. We are thrilled that all our valves passed through the witness test and are finally in line and waiting to set sail for the North Sea. To find out more about how our specialist products serve prominent clients in the oil and gas industry please visit: