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Feeling hot hot hot – Bespoke temperature control solution

The British summertime may not have quite got going but at Hobbs Valve we have been doing our bit for climate control. We were approached by a client who was experiencing a specific problem controlling hot and cold air. Air was being funnelled into a line feeding a heating system which was used for mixing propane vapor to the heater. The existing valves that were in use were not moderating the temperature as necessary, the result was that the system was very costly to the end user, and the output temperature was not controlled or consistent.

We worked closely with the client to understand their needs and used our extensive knowledge and experience to find the perfect solution to their issue. Hobbs developed a bespoke T-Piece valve for the client, this new design replaced the 3 original valves that were in line and was also a more cost-effective solution. The T-Piece valve is used in a control application and is powered using only one actuator with a linkage system that operates both hot and cold valve discs. The linkage system ensures that when one disc opens the other closes and vice versa. This application effectively modulates the hot and cold mixture, therefore, controlling and ensuring a common output temperature.

The T-Piece solution we designed solved the issues the client had experienced and achieved the added benefits of increasing energy efficiencies, reducing costs and minimising ongoing maintenance requirements.

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