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Hebron GBS

Triple offset butterfly valves supplied by Hobbs Valve are installed on the GBS constructed for the Exxon Mobile-run Hebron oil field.

A GBS (gravity-based structure) is a massive concrete-based construction used as an oil or gas platform, relying on its sheer mass and gravity to remain in place. The finished megastructure is designed to be able to store approximately 1.2 million barrels of crude oil.

Successful oil platform operation relies on the pumping and storage of large volumes of liquid, hence Hobbs Valve being selected as the valve supplier to this massive project. Hobbs’ triple offset butterfly valves offer zero leakage (unlike traditional butterfly valve configurations) and are both space and cost-saving. In addition, if any maintenance work is required they can be disassembled and reassembled with incredible speed.

Hobbs was appointed to the project following its successful delivery on the first phase in 2012.