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You don’t just buy a Hobbs Valve, you buy complete reassurance. Your valve has been designed and engineered from the outset to be the most reliable product in the market. And, on the rare occasions when maintenance is needed, our design ensures your valve is out of service for the absolute minimum amount of time, with replacement parts installed in double quick time.

All Hobbs Valve products are supplied with an operation and maintenance manual to assist the user and to provide basic advice on preventative maintenance. On request, a recommended spare parts and consumables list along with a scheduled maintenance and service contract can be offered to ensure safe and reliable operation of your valve.

Hobbs Valve is committed to supporting our customers with any query they may have, whether it’s general maintenance, warranty or spare parts and repairs. Just call us directly, or speak to your local distributor.

Should the occasion arise, Hobbs Valve has dedicated, qualified service engineers available to provide help and assistance or on-site servicing and repairs.

If your valve has to be returned to Hobbs Valve, we will ensure this process is as smooth and well managed as possible.

Any repairs to be performed beyond the warranty period will be fully assessed and quoted to you for acceptance before any work is undertaken. We always work closely with our customers to achieve the best results for their requirements.

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Reliable operation is the key in today’s market; failure to employ suitable equipment can be costly. No matter what level of Quality Assurance you require, we understand this can place additional burden on you, the customer. As such we can assist in these areas, leaving our customers to focus more of their time on day to day matters.

For more information please contact Hobbs Valve, or your local distributor.

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See how quickly a Hobbs valve can be stripped for maintenance.