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We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our valued customers. Below are some recent comments following successful projects:


“Hobbs Valve has been an important part of CHEMFLOW’s product portfolio for the past 10 years. We consistently turn to Hobbs for critical service valve applications that require high specification materials, particularly in the chemical sector. Their products are well engineered and their craftsmanship and attention to detail in manufacturing and documentation is impeccable. This is all backed by a customer service team that consistently meets or surpasses our need for timely / accurate quotations and technical data. Hobbs is our ‘go-to’ triple offset valve manufacturer.”

Mike Johnson, President, CHEMFLOW Products, LLC



“The quality of Hobbs products has always been to the highest standards – added to this a very responsive customer service delivered from quotation stage through to actual delivery of the product. This has remained true since day one.”

Derrick Mackenzie, Managing Director, HSP Valves



“Our dealings with the Great British Valve Group have always been positive experiences, from first enquiry through to order delivery. They provide responsive customer service with accurate and complete documentation, all supplied in a timely and efficient manner. First class in all respects.”

Alastair Hood, Owner and Managing Director, MCM O’Drill Ltd



“One of the main reasons the Hobbs TVT double block and bleed valve was selected for nuclear applications at Sellafield was due to its guarantee of zero leakage. This made it ideal for critical applications where leak-tight shut-off is a necessity, giving peace of mind that positive isolations will definitely be achieved.

At Sellafield any maintenance work on the steam lines must be carried out with a double block and bleed isolation in place. This is where the Hobbs DBBV excels, as during operation both main valves are closed and then the bleed connection is opened – if no leakage is witnessed this conclusively confirms the isolation is positive.

Further to this we have found that Hobbs are excellent at working with their clients to adapt their valves to particular applications where necessary, with their design team offering great support in this area. One of these adaptions came in the way of a bypass line fitted to the DBBV – this line is used to bypass one of the main valve discs and the bypass valve connected to this would be opened to help equalise the pressure downstream before opening the main valve. The purpose of this is that it helps with the operation of the main valve (as the pressure on each side of the disc is equalised), and it can also prevent pressure surges / steam hammer downstream, caused by opening the main valve too quickly. 

Other bespoke configurations of the valve that Hobbs has worked on include making the face-to-face dimension special to replace existing valves which are to non-standard dimensions. This removes the need for any pipe work modifications which can be awkward and time consuming on nuclear sites. They have also added locking devices to their gearboxes, and included mounting holes in smaller valves for attaching to brackets.”

Simon Hudson, Nuclear business Manager, NW Total Engineered Solutions Ltd



“Delta Valves NZ have been associated with Hobbs Valves for the past 10 years or so and they are our number one supplier for high performance butterfly valves. The product is superb and has been used extensively thought our geothermal industry with great performance and durability in what is a very challenging environment. Sales, contracts and technical support are all excellent and quick – essential when you are the other side of the world. Highly recommend these guys and pleased to be associated with them.”

Mark Thomas, General Manager, Delta Valves and Controls Ltd