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Tomorrow’s Valve Today

Out of the box thinking squares the circle

Whatever your industry, ultimate reliability is critical. That’s why Hobbs developed a better valve, with innovations such as a square shaft – a valve that can be relied on to work better, hour after hour, year after year.

It’s hip to be square

A square shaft makes for a superior, more reliable valve. Our design removes the need for pins or keyways that are typically used, and can result in a weaker shaft. Square is good – it’s easier to clamp to, and makes maintenance fast and easy.

Patented Seat & Seal

Our innovations mean valve design, which had been static for 15 years, have taken a leap forward. The patented design eliminates the need for a gasket by using two replaceable sealing components, with only one possible gasket leak path.

Engineered in the UK

Celebrating ten years of innovation in valve technology, Hobbs is proudly based in the UK where all key engineering developments are devised, manufactured and tested. We’re proud to be British.


Depend on our patented seat and seal to handle the pressure. When it absolutely has to perform, you can rely on a Hobbs Valve. Engineered better to perform better, zero leakage and long life are demands we expect you to make.

Less Downtime

When the time comes to carry out essential maintenance, the Hobbs design pays massive dividends. Components can be quickly inspected, removed and replaced, saving you valuable plant downtime.