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Valve World Conference & Exhibition 2010


From 30 November through 2nd December 2010 Düsseldorf Fair will open its gates for the world of valve technologies.

Displays will feature innovative products from the valve sector as well as products associated with valves, gaskets, seals, flanges, plastics, ceramics, washers and related materials, tubing and piping products as well as exhibits introducing engineering, associations and publishing houses.

This being the largest and most attended conference for the Valve industry throughout Europe it is the greatest opportunity to demonstrate our capability as a valve manufacturer.

We are in the exciting process of brainstorming ideas for the design of the stand which we are already very excited by the options we have and look forward to shearing these with you.

For those of you who have seen our advertisements and or have a copy of our latest brochure you will see that we are committed to educating on the theory of Triple Offset which we will maintain through the design of our stand.

If you wish to get more detail on “Why Triple Offset” please pay us a visit and allow us to explain our innovative products, we are located at stand 3H74 and look forward to welcoming you.

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